The Inside Story Of The 22

Sky Blue Polo Shirt Back 22


The story behind the 22 is one of passion, poignancy and a love of Rugby that runs deep in our veins and the veins of those who are a part of the CV22 tribe. But how and why did we select the number 22, and why are we so single-minded about it?

If you search for CV22, you will land right in the Town of Rugby, exactly where the game originated and where our menswear label is designed above our flagship store.

The number 22 represents more than just a place in England where Rugby was born. Apart from anything else, at the level most of us play or have played, 22 is the number of members in our squad - the number of our brothers or sisters.

We have appliquéd the number 22 on our signature Polos, and you might say, 'who wants to be number 22 the last replacement? Tim Stimpson does - it’s his lucky number and his England vs All Blacks 22 shirt from 2002 hangs proudly in our studio. Sonny Bill Williams and Beauden Barrett do - both are impact players often brought on to finish a job started by their All Black brothers.

But it doesn’t end there, the number 22 has real significance in Rugby Football:

  • The 22 metre line
  • Inside the 22
  • Outside the 22
  • The final try in the 2015 Rugby World Cup scored by Beauden Barrett (wearing 22)
  • That 22nd of November day in Australia during the 2003 Rugby World Cup

For us, the number represents so much more. It is..


The moment of achievement, not level of attainment. The realisation and understanding of what's to come. The sacrifice, the blood, the sweat, the tears, through thick and thin and not turning back. Its comradery, its joy, its bodies on the line, its digging deep and not giving an inch. The euphoria of winning or the bitter taste of defeat, it's what binds us together and makes us whole.


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