Sapporo Premium Beer - Japan

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A refreshing lager with a crisp, refined flavour and a clean finish. The perfect easy drinking high quality luxury beer.



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The first recorded instance of a team being established and rugby being played in Japan was in 1866 with the founding of the Yokohama Foot Ball Club. The rules committee of the club consisted of notable Rugby School, Radley and Winchester College alumni.


Its recorded that in 1874 British sailors staged a game in Yokohama, while further games were played at other treaty ports such as Kobe between teams of long-term foreign residents and visiting ships' crews, garrisons however these early games rarely involved local Japanese people.


The date of local Japanese participation in the sport is most frequently cited as 1899, when students at Keio University were introduced to the game and since has become a strong local sport with the Japanese National team, the Brave Blossoms participating in every Rugby World Cup since the tournament began in 1987.