JOSS & HARRY - 320mm × 400mm - Framed 4 x Original Polaroids

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Polaroids - Joss & Harry

Photographed by Slava Mogutin

Original Polaroids.

An original composition of 4 polaroid photographs

Framed in 'clubhouse style' 320mm × 400mm

Engraved metal 'trophy plaque' reads 'Tryouts Slava Mogutin x CV22 - Rugby - England' 

This composition was photographed on a vintage Polaroid camera and arranged by the artist Slava Mogutin.  As original Polaroids it is a unique edition of 1 only.

Shot by New York based Russian photographer Slava Mogutin. Slava was invited to visit Rugby as CV22's first artist in residence and to shoot our PROTOTYPE collection featuring Rugby players from several local and national clubs.

TRYOUTS casting was organised through a street poster campaign, ads in local press, on social media, and by word of mouth. Over two dozen professional and amateur players showed up for the call and were invited to try out initial samples from our ready-to-wear collection


* Note this is for the framed images of 4x Polaroids only. The in situ photograph of the full series of 9 frames is for reference only.